Books You Need To Read

Finance For Non-Financial Managers – Gene Siciliano

Finance For Non Finance Managers

Making finance simple and easy to understand. A must-read for any senior professional involved in a business turnaround. In this book you’ll learn:

  • The 3 financial statements
  • How the 3 financial statements link together
  • What to look for in each statement
  • Key financial terms

4 Disciplines of Execution – Chris McChesney, Sean Covey

Anyone who goes to business school learns about business strategy and business planning. But no one ever teaches you how to execute a strategy or plan. This fascinating book walks you through the 4 simple, yet powerful steps to executing any business strategy or plan. If you’re going through a business turnaround, then this is definitely a tool to have in your arsenal.

Getting Things Done – David Allen

The ultimate book on personal productivity. This book has changed my professional and personal life. If you are turning around a failing business, you will need to ensure you have a clear mind and are able to make instant, intuitive decisions about what you want to tackle at any given time. Implementing this book will make you feel less stressed and more in control. Doesn’t that sound like something you need during a business turnaround?

Extreme Ownership – Jocko Willink and Leif Babin

Extreme Ownership

If you’re looking for a book. to tell you what ownership really means, then look no further than ‘Extreme Owenership’. Written by two ex-Navy SEALS, this book goes into real-life lessons learned on the battlefield. With tremendous humility this book really shows you how to point the finfger back at yourself, plan effectively, lead people up and down the chain whilst demonstrating discipline. What a rush!

Free To Focus – Michael Hyatt

I’ve never read a book which relieved me of my guilt. This book liberates you. It shows you some real life-changing truths that will give you a fresh perspective on your personal and professional life. ‘The Big 3’ structure is a fantastic tool to force you to identify and tackle the few, high-value things for that year, quarter, month, week or day. Get ready to be super-focused and super productive!

The 5AM Club – Robin Sharma

5 AM Cub - Productivity Tips

There is a commonality amongst successful people – they don’t sleep in! They get up early and get after it! Told in a fictional format, the ‘5 AM Club’ goes into the neuroscience and biology about why it is beneficial to get up early, what to do to maximise your morning and get ahead of the game. “Own your morning, elevate your life!”

How To Win Friends And Influence People – Dale Carnegie

If you’re turning around your failing business you are going to need people. You can’t do it yourself. That’s why your soft skills need to be on point. This classic book is worth revisiting (even if you’ve read it before).

Atomic Habits – James Clear

Atomic Habits - James Clear

Being in business requires discipline and a set of good habits. If you need some structure and help to form good habits whilst you turn that company around then this book is for you. With incredible insight into human behaviour, James Clear shows you why old habit formation techniques fail from a neuroscientific perspective and how you can set good habits systematically. Simple, clear and it works!

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